The transfer of artistic interpretation to superb musical recording can be an elusive goal.
Gregory K. Squires belongs to that exce
ptional group of musical producers who meet
the challenge elegantly and successfully, time after time. Now in his third decade of capturing
great music, Squires has more than three thousand productions to his credit - a discography
that has earned honors and critical acclaim. His company, Gregory K. Squires Music Production,
has years of experience working with classical repertoire, jazz, Broadway musicals,
and film soundtrack recording. Squires serves an international clientele and travels worldwide
to care for their needs. Squires and his colleagues are known for their unusual ability
to bridge the gap between the artist's vision and the recording's realization. Because Squires'
studio professionals were performing artists before becoming technicians,
clients feel secure under their guidance, knowing that ideas will be clearly understood
on this shared ground of musicianship. Major orchestras, ensembles, and soloists trust
Squires' judgment implicitly, based on the studio's reputation for satisfying artistic expectations
- an enviable outcome in the recording field.

In a business often jarred by conflicting opinion on technical procedure,
Squires is flexible and pragmatic without sacrificing creative perception. The staff's
strong musical training carries their recording skills beyond the ordinary, lending an ease
and confidence to sessions that is contagious. Artists sense that all the necessary musical elements
will be covered meticulously and anticipate the deft editing of Squires post production,
knowing it will create the highest quality from their performance.

Certainly the world suffers no shortage of record producers, sound engineers and editors;
no lack of talent to create music on stage or in the studio. But music production companies
able to satisfy both the technical and creative sides of their art are rare. Squires is one of the
very few that can. This is an important distinction to recognize when choosing a producer. 



Critical Acclaim